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Put a little Whimsy in  your life with my Whimsy T-Shirts available on Society6.com

My Whimsies are unencumbered beings free of the constraints of gravity and are stand-ins for my desire to escape pain and be free from the earths binding gravitational force.

Whimsy Type 1 T-ShirtWhimsy (Type 1) T-Shirt


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The “REINVENTION” Show at the Artists Archives of the Western Reserve

I’m pleased to announce my work being exhibited in a group show at the Artists Archives of the Western Reserve. I’m honored to be in the company of four accomplished artists; Ruth Bercaw, Terry Klausman, PJ Rogers (Now deceased), and Kim Bisset. The show is titled “REINVENTION”. Mindy Tousley, director of AAWR and curator of the show says about it:

“I am putting together an exhibition of regional artists who have re –invented themselves or at least their artwork because of physical trauma associated with aging or aging related disabilities. In the case of all of the artists I have selected they have overcome the changes forced on them and gone on to complete bodies of work that are very different & in some cases superior to what they were doing before. I came upon the idea for this show because of my association with the artists and their stories. I saw firsthand the changes in their work over the course of time.”


Special Thanks to the Ohio Arts Council for their support.ohioArtsCouncil_logo

Finding Freedom Through Architecture – House that Wants to Fly

Looking Back

I find a kind of freedom in my art that helps me escape pain. As I look back on a project I did at Pratt, I realize that I was doing the same thing with my architecture. The curvature in my spine in my twenties caused intermittent episodes of pain. The conception of this house, about the desire to escape gravity, TO FLY, TO BE FREE, but not being able to, always tethered to earth, was a metaphor for the human condition. But perhaps subliminally, it was a metaphor for my deformed spine, wishing I could escape it.

I was honored when this project was selected to be in the book published by Rizzoli FORM; BEING; ABSENCE, Pratt Journal of Architecture, 1987

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opposite_houses_fly_01_highresSite Plan & Floor Plans

opposite_houses_fly_02_highresAxonometric, Section & Elevation



pratt_journal_housethatwantstoflyFrom the Book “Form; Being; Absence – Pratt Journal of Architecture
Published by Rizzoli 1987

pratt_journal_coverFront Cover of “Form; Being; Absence – Pratt Journal of Architecture
Published by Rizzoli 1987