Digital Wall Installation

Installation of Level Digital Wall Coverings at Efi Print new headquarters in Manchester, N.H. Thank you Brittany Hudak for sharing this instagram post by @rachelelizabethsrq. My work Quadrans is licensed by Level Digital Wall Coverings. Brittany who is on the creative team at Level Digital Wall Coverings has taken the original work and re-worked it into multiple color schemes for commercial installations. Check out their website:

Quadrans Circuli I at Think[Box] Innovation Center at Case Western Reserve University

So happy that Quadrans Circuli 1, edition number 3 of 3, has found a nice home in the Entrepreneurship Conference room at Thinkbox Innovation Center at Case Western Reserve University. Hope it brings some joy and uplift to those using the facility.

Click here to read more about Thinkbox.

Quadrans Circuli I, 2014
Archival Aqueous Pigment Print on Cotton Rag
edition of 3, 44 x 64 inches

Triangulation Construction 1, 2018

As I continue to work towards creating the feeling of movement and energy in my geometric abstractions, working with triangles has opened up a wealth of possibilities. In this work, I first created an asymmetrical diamond tessellation where on one half the legs are longer than the other half, then split the shape from it’s center point into four triangles which creates two sets of triangles. 

Triangulation Construction I
Triangulation Construction 1, 2018
Archival Aqueous Pigment Print on Cotton Rag
40 x 40 inches, edition of 3