I’m an architect, having studied at Pratt Institute and practicing for over 20 years when in 2005, a spine disease finally caught up with me and left me disabled and unable to continue practicing.  As project architect, my last building was the Frost Art Museum in Miami. Ironic, as at the time I was doing the museum, I had no idea my future would be as an artist.

In 2005, after a second surgery, I began learning photoshop and started my reinvention as an artist. Making art is therapy, helping me cope with debilitating pain. I bring to my art, my architectural baggage. Baggage is usually associated as bad, but in my case I’m grateful for my architecture baggage as it informs my work, always thinking about structure, composition, color and rhythm of the works I create. In my sprawling large format limited edition prints, I weave bold color through geometric constructs expressing joy of energy and movement; a stand in for my inability to move freely through the world without pain. I know a work is completed when I feel it has reached “Optical Joyfulness”.